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Cyborg name Decoder

Got this from a site called the cyborg name detector.
I meant, decoder. Cyborg name decoder.

Robotic Intelligent Knight Assembled for Scientific Assassination, Nullification and Immediate Analysis

Get Your Cyborg Name

Wow… that sounds… cool??
Anybody have an idea what that means? Scientific Assasination?? LoL

Wait for it. That’s not all. There’s also this site called Sexy Name Detector…
Sexy Name Decoder (Why do i always get this wrong??). Guess i have no interest in decode, as in Electronical Engineering study material.
Hmm Lemme see how sexy i can be.

Romantic Ideal Knockout Administering Sensual Affection and Naughty, Intense Attentions

Get Your Sexy Name

Naughty, Intense Attentions? How do i administer the sensual affection anyway?? xDDD

Guys… hold on.
There’s another one. named. The Monster name decoder.

Ravenous, Intimidating, Kitten-Abducting, Scientist-Attacking Nightmare Inflamed by Anger

Get Your Monster Name

This sounds kinda lame so i guess i should just skipped it. But yeah, me attacking nightmare inflamed by anger??
Naaaah… doesn’t that sound like a troll??


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