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Helloooo!! Anybody Home???!!

Anybody hoooooommmeee!!!????

People : “hellooo.. who’s blog is this again???? Your blog!! You’re.Blog. “

Okey… i’ll change the question, people….

Anybody visited this blog anymoreee?????

Zzzziiiing… krik krik krik.
No answer!!!! *sob sob sob*

It’s been almoooost a year since the last time i wrote here :O :O :O
Oh My God… where have i been since then??
Anybody questioning it??
Oh, come on. Stop being a hypocrite. That’s sooo last year.
I know you guys are missing me, miss my story, miss my writing. Thank you, guys. Thank you.

I’m currently busy right now. Yes, i know,,, i know that’s not a reason for me NOT to write. It’s not like i own a company. I’m not THAT busy. Fyuuh.. The thing is… I have sooo many things in my head and i really want to write it down, lol. But yes, i’m busy. or let’s say, lazy. Ups. What a bad word, rika! Bad word! *slap self*

But really guys, i got this final project and i just hope everyone will pray with me and wish me success!!

When its over, let’s say… i’ll write here again and i hope it’s a super duper happy post! So wait for me, key…???!!


About rikasania

I'm a girl. I'm a daughter. I'm a friend. I'm a fangirl. I'm a fanpire. I'm clumsy. I'm not good with memory. I'm fun. I'm easily obsessed.

7 responses to “Helloooo!! Anybody Home???!!

  1. Salam kenal. Haha… You’re funny… Lumayan bisa nambah semangat.

    Maju terus, rika… ķŒŒģ“ķŒ…!

  2. Ajunn

    semoga kesibukan anda mengerjakan project tidak sampai salah memakai sepatu…

    rikaaaaaaaaaaa..apakabare ?

  3. @gloriam :
    Makasih sudah berkunjung ke siniiiii…. jadi terharuuuu *hiks hiks hiks*

    @Ajun :
    Baaaaaaaaaaaaah masi inget diaaaaaaaaaaaa….
    Baik kok juuuuuunnn…..
    Masih lucu dan menggemaskan…

  4. helena.wardhani ⋅

    TA emang membuat semuanya terbengkalaiii ka..

    kanggeenn say ma dirimu :p

  5. Heh makhluk tak tahu malu… LoL

    Apa kabarmu???
    Huwaa doakan aku sukses ya len… šŸ˜¦
    Takut niy eike booo… :-ss

  6. klikbcak

    bebeeeeh,udah aq bookmark blog mu! ayooo rajin2 menulis lg setelah sidang ya..
    GOODLUCK!!! muach!!!

  7. Iya ih… Harus rajin2 menulis adanya…
    Agar supaya kemampuan jurnalistik saya kian gemah ripah loh jinawi…. ehe…..

    *aih terharu, J*
    *cipika cipiki hula hula bom-bom*

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